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Love your bath!

  • Coconut milk is  rich in vitamins A and C, calcium, iron and natural proteins which contribute to smooth and glowing skin.
  • Coconut milk is a wonderful moisturizer and helps slow down the aging process.
  • The natural fatty acids in this milk can help treat dry and irritated skin and remove harmful bacteria from your skin.
  • This blend smells amazing
  • Avoid harsh chemicals in your bath and create a nourishing, luxurious experience for your skin.
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Product Description

A combination of coconut milk, oats, bee pollen and vanilla powder will create such a beautiful, soothing escape, you’ll think you’re on an island overlooking an oasis.

Each bag will be enough for up to 4 baths. We suggest about 3 Tablespoons per bath depending on your tub.


Additional Information

Weight 3.5 oz

2 reviews for Coconut Milk Bath

  1. Carissa
    5 out of 5


    Love how moisturized my skin feels after bathing in this! Love the smell too! Light not overly scented.

  2. Alyssa
    5 out of 5


    This stuff is AMAZING!! I have a awful rash all over my body and I’ve tried all types of lotions, oatmeal baths, gold bond cream and powder, and nothing soothed my skin. Then my mom gave me some of this cocoanut milk bath, I’m not a bath person, it’s hard for me to spend more than 10 mins in a bathtub just soaking but that’s all it took with this! I’m amazed how much better my skin feels and how long the soothing feeling last after the bath!

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