I just wanted you to know how much your ‘Drops for Skinny’ have helped me lose weight.  I am 68 years old and have suffered from diabetes for the past 12 years.  It seems I have been fighting my weight since  I had my children but didn’t have much success.  I would lose a few pounds but it was very slow and I never seemed to get below 175 lbs.  Since I am 5 ft. 4 in. that was way too high.  I started using your ‘Drops for Skinny’ about 2 months ago.  I didn’t go on a diet that involved counting calories but I started to watch my food combinations.  Since then I have lost approx about 20 lbs.

Just a side point, I have always had problems with my blood sugars levels raising at night.  Since I started taking ‘Drops for Skinny’ I have found that I am having better control and my meter readings are lower in the morning.


I lost 31 lbs in 40 days on the hormone HCG. Over the last 10 weeks I have been travelling and been able to maintain my target weight without doing even one steak day. During this time I have been taking Hypothalmus, Pituitary and Thyroid tinctures and found they really helped keep my Hypothalmus balanced for success. This is the only maintenance program I have ever done that has been so easy and actually successful.

-E.C. Canada/Mexico.

I have been on the hcg  protocol for 5 weeks. I have lost 28 pounds, and am ecstatic with my results. Not only am I happy with the results but also how I have felt during this time  I have been on the program.

I have no doubt that was in large part due to the help I received from taking Elaine Massier`s tinctures of hypothalamus, adrenal, and gallbladder formulas. Her formulas have proved very effective before the program but I have no doubt that they have had a direct effect on my stability on the program.

My sleep has improved so much I look forward to going to bed and not tossing and turning. I have had virtually no hunger or food cravings whatsoever. I am very satisfied after I eat my meals, even though it`s not much to eat. I have also noticed am much calmer than I was before the program.

-S.V. Mazatlan, Mexico

Well, your stuff is *fantastic*. I really think it helped a lot in my stabilization process. So, I’m in the last half of my bottle, and need more!! Wonderful, *wonderful* stuff! I will be adding this to my daily regimen for the forseeable future!


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